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This excursion to Cranbrook Flower Forest was worth the $10.US per person entry fee.  It was a very relaxing tour that was not loaded with loud & obnoxious tourists... Our guide "Wes" was extremely knowledgeable of the names of every plant we asked about & many that we didn't ask about!  He went at the speed we wanted... no hurry, no worry.  The trail itself is a mile and a half to the riverhead where you can get in and cool off (and I do mean cool off).  There were several spots to sit & chat, snap photos, rest or whatever your little heart desires along the way.  The beginning of the tour starts along a stepping stone pathway lined with Royal Palm Trees that lead to a large thatched hut which would make an absolutely lovely wedding location.  Sorry, I didn't have my camera out yet & didn't snap any photos of it... If you want to do a canopy tour, you can access that right from Cranbrook property.  We did not do the Canopy Tour but there were several others doing it that day and it looked like it could be quite exciting as it is a 3 mile drop along a steel cable that begins just above the riverhead.  I highly recommend this tour of Cranbrook if you are wanting to get out & see the countryside in Jamaica... this is a real diamond in the hillside... take your suit & a bottle of water... maybe a snack for along the way & enjoy yourselves!  I don't think you'll be disappointed... This excursion could take you up to 3hrs. depending upon your walking speed, number of stops you make & swim time... but absolutely worth every minute..
Chinese Bamboo
Dr. Bird (the National bird) hovering to taste a "bird of paradise" ... see the split tail?  The tail & the distinct bright green upper body is what distinguishes the Dr. Bird from a common hummingbird (& Dr. Bird is much larger too).   I've noticed that they make a dainty whirring noise as they fly...  Click HERE for a close-up of Dr. Bird...
Sorry I don't remember the name of this vining flower.  It is an aggressive creeper though & the petals & button start out a beautiful golden yellow, turn to a burnt orange & finally a crimson red as the flower fades...  many people grow these over a trellis arching their driveway.
The very aptly named "Torch Flower"... the color is even more magnificent in person...  The flower stalk stands approx. 5' tall and you can see the size of the flower head in comparison to the hand/arm that is pulling it over for me to take this photo...
876-770-8071 or 876-995-3097
for hours of tour operation or info about your wedding in their lush tropical garden...
Just one of the many different types of palms.
"Poor mans orchid tree"...  Dr. Bird was             really luvin' these blooms!
Cat tails... the stalk stood about 7ft. tall.  Each of the tails was a fuzzy soft seed pod that drops the seeds of this plant.
The river running alongside the walking path...
We saw many, many different types of ferns during this walk.  This one in particular was so interesting... when the sun hits it, it creates a remarkable emerald green, slightly blue color on the leaves.  My camera could not capture the true beauty of this fern... you'll have to go and see it for yourself!
So many waterfalls we saw on the way to the river head...
Broughtonia sanguinea is a watermelon red orchid that is native to Jamaica.  The flower spike can bloom for several months and the plant can bloom twice per year or more... giving it the appearance of always being in bloom.  This orchid generally grows on trees.
A view that is so wonderful that you wonder if it is real...
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