Carousel Villa, Runaway Bay, Jamaica
West Indies
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Front left wheel.
No fender over front wheels.  New fender = $100. each
Front under drivers feet.  Grease zerk at arrow.
Both steps need new skid grippers.  Front fender should bolt in where the two holes are on the right side of step.
Back right wheel.  

All wheels are in similar condition.
Lantern lights on both sides of carriage run off of battery located in box at back of carriage.
Plastic cover can be removed.  The iron Cinderella top can also be removed.  This carriage comes with regular Vis-a-vis fold down canopy.  color is white exterior & matching red interior.

Canopy is in good condition.
Front of foot kick where driver sits.  This faces the back of horse.  It can be replaced for $100 +
Back of carriage.  Box contains battery for lights & brake controls.  Red brake lights & turn signals are just behind the white curly board.  
You can see them easy from behind, but I took photo at bad angle.
Interior seat fabric needs replaced.  It is in fair condition but is starting to look tired.  I think it should be vinyl instead of fabric.
Notice there are no front fenders on this carriage.  

Everything is in place to install fenders.  New fender & hardware from Raber Carriage is approx. $100. each.
Harness is handmade by Amish craftsmen in Indiana. Seller is offering 2 identical harnesses & the carriage for one price.  The 2 harnesses are same as what you see on this Halflinger but with a diamond pattern.  The hames collar on the for sale harness is smaller & made for a regular size horse.  The rest of the harness size is same & can all be sized to fit your horses.

Harness is made of bio-thane & leather & solid stainless steel.  It is a nice quality harness.

Carriage, 2 hanesses, Cinderella top & regular Vis-a-vis folding top all for one price.  
The pattern on this harness is called a SHIELD but the harnesses he is offering for sale have a DIAMOND pattern.
Carriage has hydraulic brakes.  You can see brake pedal on this side where driver sits.
Seller has installed flexible tube lighting around doors & top of Cinderella top.  It runs off of the battery & looks nice after dark.