Sample & Example Menus

Please keep in mind that these are only suggestions.  Once you arrive at the Villa you will begin to speak to Millie about what she makes, what you & your family likes, dislikes and/or want to try.  We help you decide on your first dinner & first breakfast just for the sake of ease... the rest is easy & we know you will love Millies cooking.

Every Morning:                                                           Every Evening:
Fresh Squeezed orange juice                          Hot Breads
Fresh Coffee                                    Deserts upon request
Fresh Fruit...                        1-2 meats, 2 veggies,                                                                                                     salad (rolls if you ask)
Breakfasts Foods:
Eggs/Bacon, potato patties, toast, banana pancakes, fried plantain, ackee with bacon or salt fish, kallaloo & green bananas, cheese and veggie omlettes, fried potatoes, festival, french toast, fried breadfruit, muffins, hot oatmeal, saltfish with boiled yam & flour dumplin with boiled green banana.

Dinner Foods:
Fried chicken, BBQ Chicken, pan chicken in red sauce, pork chops, red snapper or other fresh fish, rice & red beans (peas), green beans, pumpkin soup, fish stew, broiled lobster, white rice, buttered carrots, BBQ ribs, corn on the cob, cho-cho, kallaloo, 
pop-chow, scalloped potatoes with cheese, curried goat, ox tail stew with rice & veggies, baked potatoes, creamed cauliflower, banana bread, salad, coconut pie, ice cream, cheese cake, cupcakes.

LUNCHES AND SNACKS ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST! although we don't provide the food for lunch/snacks, you can purchase additional & our staff will fix it for you...

Liquor is not provided and must be purchased on an "As you drink" basis... Red Stripe and Heineken are available for same prices as in the States... Rum is inexpensive, Absolute is approx. same price as in the States... Ting is an excellent mixer with Vodka, Rum and Coke is an all time favorite and Red Stripe is similar in taste to Budweiser...  mixers for your alcohol are not part of the package and must be purchased separately.  Oswald also makes a killer Rum Punch.  He'll also make fresh for you: lemonade, sour-sop or carrot juice.  

You never pay up-charges for liquor, sodas or mixers.  You can have them delivered (small delivery fee to L&M) or you can go & get them yourself from L&M just a couple of miles from the villa.  You pay exact receipt prices.

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